Mobile paper shredder business

The layout should involve the minimum distance between the loading docks and the different areas. It is also a "green" business as the shredded material is eventually recycled and turned into new paper products. Grinders have a rotating shaft with cutting blades that grind the paper until it is small enough to fall through a screen.

Shredders that reduce paper to particles offer your clients the utmost security. The destroyed paper is a recyclable commodity that creates an ongoing revenue stream as well. Buying Equipment Choosing which kind of shredder to buy — grinder, shredder, pierce-and-tear, disintegrator — involves trade-offs.

Many now reject paper that is fed over capacity to avoid jams; others have safety features to reduce risks. To protect yourself, you might need more liability insurance than the average startup. Anti-burning laws also resulted in increased demand for paper shredding.

Shared public services Besides residential use, county departments and local municipal offices use the Mobile Shredder to free up valuable inventory space often occupied by outdated documents, while at the same time, it ensures that confidentiality is preserved.

With so many personal details collected, and so much sensitive information created, almost every business is affected by these personal privacy laws. Customers bring their paperwork to your business. In extreme weather, events may be cancelled or terminated early. Get a Free Quote.

Revenue can also be recognized from the sale of the recycled Mobile paper shredder business, generating a second and often lucrative revenue stream for your business. To satisfy your customers, consider taking out a surety bond, a financial guarantee of your performance.

It can be expensive to launch a service because buying shredding equipment is a must. In addition to the security and cost benefits this service offers, it helps companies meet their goals with regard to environmental sustainability.

This means you've removed all metal clips, fasteners, binders, folders and hard covers and placed the papers loosely in a box. Strip-cut shredders use rotating knives to cut narrow strips as long as the original sheet of paper. The fear of identity theft and laws such as FACTA have made starting a paper shredding company a potentially lucrative business with relatively low start-up costs.

The eight principles state that the data must be: Westchester residents may bring confidential personal papers for shredding to any one of the following events. This security business is perfect for start-up operations, it requires a few dedicated employees and has low operating overhead.

Bad debt is almost unheard of in this business. Particle-cut shredders create tiny square or circular pieces. The shredder comes to you With mobile shredding services, your contractor shows up at your door at a predetermined time, hauls your documents out to the truck for you, and shreds them within a matter of minutes.

Consider this, it is a business to business service that requires few employees, and in most cases, state and federal legislation demand the protection of consumer and patient confidential information.

Much like the solid waste disposal business, the document destruction business has already experienced some industry consolidation which naturally increases the enterprise value of all other existing independent operators.

We can provide Sample Business Plans, operations manuals, and financing and budgeting resources. Even if your business is small and you are starting as a sole proprietor, it is important to also register your business name; otherwise, businesses may use your trademark and cash-in on your good reputation or advertising campaigns.

Does your community generate enough paper for a service to be profitable. The mobile shredding business is typically a recurring service that is not only extremely sustainable but also very scalable. Kinds of documents to shred Remember, it's best to shred documents you're no longer using, that contain personal identifying information such as name, address, phone number, credit card number or social security number.

These should be protected in the same way as digital files. Greenwood ; in which the Supreme Court of the United States held that the Fourth Amendment does not prohibit the warrantless search and seizure of garbage left for collection outside of a home. If Social Security numbers or confidential legal information leaks because you screwed up, you'll be in a world of trouble.

Hammermills pound the paper through a screen. Email Shredding personal documents serves a double purpose-- to recycle paper as well as protect sensitive information against identity theft -- the fastest growing crime in the nation.

PROSHRED® Franchising

What level of destruction will your clients want. History of use[ edit ] Until the mids, it was rare for paper shredders to be used by non-government entities. Paper Shredding Services PRO SHRED ® is a locally owned world leader in the on-site paper shredding and hard drive destruction.

We help businesses and local residents securely safeguard private information, maintain legislative compliance and protect their public image.

Website to assist you in starting your own mobile document shredding business. Start a Shredding Business - home There are many reasons why the mobile document destruction business could be the ideal business opportunity for you. Staples® has shredders for your home office or business.

Paper Shredders

Shop our great selection and more! Shred-it® is a Stericycle solution. North American Shred-it locations are NAID Certified for mobile document destruction, adhering to the stringent security practices and procedures established by the National Association for Information Destruction.

Such an enterprise will require an initial investment of several thousand dollars for the acquisition of a used mobile shredding truck. The Balance Small Business Menu Search. Aug 19,  · Mobile Shredder Van. Many shredding companies invest in a step van or five-ton truck outfitted with a generator-powered industrial paper shredder.

This enables your business to cut on.

Mobile paper shredder business
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