Applied kinesiology research paper

These records are perceptible to any interested observer and also allow the observer to distinguish clearly the two outcome states. Order effects were not significant. According to the American Chiropractic Association, Applied Kinesiology is the 10th most frequently used chiropractic techniques in the United States, with The main characteristic is that the muscle lengthens during the action.

This "continuous nervous system" thinking and testing may allow the identification of contributing sites to a pain state. We propose in this review to look at the research status of MMT in the manual examination of the nervous system's status.

It is the examiner's very own personal computer and it can store valuable and useful information of the basis of which judgments about evaluation and treatment can be made. Kendall et al [ 21 ] state: It further established that these outcomes were not attributable to increased or decreased testing force from the doctor during the tests.

To do so, muscles are powered by energy, which comes from ingested food that is transformed by the digestive system into chemical energy through a complex metabolic process that requires oxygen for its completion.

There are difficulties with the interpretation of kappa and correlation coefficients that have been described by Feinstein and Brennan [ 3233 ]. Bones provide not only the dimension of the levers for work in the length of the bones themselves, but also the axes on which these levers turn in the form of joints.

The muscular system is also described. This study demonstrated significant interexaminer reliability for individual tests of the pectoralis major and piriformis muscles, but not for the tensor fascia lata or hamstring, which are essentially tests of groups of muscles at once.

Duplicates and articles published in non-peer-reviewed literature were excluded. The examiner resists this pressure until the examiner detects no increase in force against his hand.

Applied Kinesiology Research

The proper understanding of the neurophysiologic basis of muscle testing procedures will assist in the design of further investigations into AK. They outline principles of AK and recommend that future research reflect more accurately the clinical practice of functional neurologic assessment and AK.

It has been proposed that the term neuromusculoskeletal system be adopted because examination of the one may reflect the status of the other [ 12 ]. Studies with a control group a randomized clinical trialexaminer blinding, and pre- and post-test design are indicated in the descriptions of each study.

Applied Kinesiology

An example of this would be If the student has studied for a test that Is multiple choice test and know the tested material but cannot come to a satisfied answer choice, test the strength of a muscle or limb and say every potential answer In our head and the answer with the strongest test Is probably the right one.

Skeletal muscles are quite different. techniques, durations, and forces used in MMT putting applied kinesiology (AK) muscle testing in context and highlighting aspects of muscle testing important to report in MMT research. Method: PubMed, the Collected Papers of the International College of Applied Kinesiology–.

Kinesiology is defined as the study of muscle and body movements; whereas, applied kinesiology is defined as the diagnostic phenomenon of a muscle weakening when a person experienced anxiety or when they make a false statement. research paper on physical therapy.

Kinesiology, at its most basic, is the study of movement. Kinesiology is not an isolated science. Instead, kinesiology involves the examination of many sciences as they relate to the human body.

Kinesiology Research Quotable Research and Studies supporting Applied Kinesiology Muscle database The Kinesiology Muscle Database is presented by the College of Kinesiologic Medicine, CKM and is the first complete database of muscles on the Internet. Applied Kinesiology This Research Paper Applied Kinesiology and other 64,+ term papers, college essay examples and free essays are available now on Autor: review • March 9, • Research Paper • Words (3 Pages) • 1, Views4/4(1).

A research paper on Kinesiology will look into the study of human movement and motion. Kinesiology is the study of human movement and motion. As a field of scientific study, kinesiology is often applied in terms of rehabilitation after injury or surgery.

Applied kinesiology research paper
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